Artist Statement

My focus revolves around the natural world we live in, but often neglect and fail to notice in our everyday lives. I strive to capture the intrigue and unsurpassed beauty of nature and present it in a way that engages the viewer allowing them, if only momentarily, to be transported.  As I have matured my work has grown simultaneously, transitioning from a collection of disjointed photographs to a series of works with substance and direction behind them. Most recently, I’ve been exploring the concept of the blurred line between real and artificial.  Fabricated products and images have consumed us and have become so deceivingly real; blending into and often masking the natural world we live in. We are so accustomed to these imposers that we forget about the unbridled beauty surrounding us every day. My work urges viewers to see past the blur and make the distinction between what is real and what is artificial. It is then that one will come to realize why the original is always more valuable.